This sentence embodies the core fallacy in this article, which is that a specific definition of God is not provided. Is God a supernatural being, an energy field, consciousness, something totally beyond our ken, etc, etc? So, it is entirely possible to have a prayer answered, insofar as a wish come true, without intercession by a supernatural being. When my disabled daughter was young she was wheelchair bound. There was no reason to expect that to change. Even though I am not religious, nor do I believe in the Judeochristian version of God, I nonetheless prayed that one day we might walk together arm in arm. When she was seven she spontaneously walked, with a confidence of someone who always had. Twenty three years later, we just got back from a long walk, in which we were arm in arm. So, my prayers were answered, but I’m not prepared to say by the intercession a supernatural being that watches over us. I did learn one crucial lesson: save your prayers for really important stuff.


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